RopaDog Gel

For bacterial diarrhea and pre-stress usage.

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Let intestinal problems not spoil the game! RopaDog gel is a feed supplement for dogs, designed to bring and keep the sensitive intestinal flora in shape. RopaDog gel is composed of several essential oils, which components possess proven and patented anti-bacterial properties.

Stress situations such as changing of the feed, changed environment, illness etc. in many cases will lead to a disturbance of the microbial balance at the intestinal flora. This disruptive balance could lead to a (bacterial) inflammation, that’s why it's recommended to use Ropadog ® Gel by first signs of diarrhea.

Usage: 1. Primary treatment:

RopaDog gel can provide support in the fight against bacterial diarrhea by killing bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella in the gastrointestinal tract. These causes may include: * Changes in diet or poor water quality * Change of pace * Errors in the diet * Stress (snowboarding, hunting, racing, breeding, traveling, and show) Dosage: Administer the contents of a syringe to if symptoms of bacterial diarrhea occur. Noticeable improvement must act, after 12 hours while the main symptoms after 24 hours or sooner should disappear.

Usage: 2. As combination treatment:

RopaDog Gel can be used in combination with: liquid diet, treatment with endotoxin and other antibiotics to treat secondary infections that cause diarrhea. This could be for example: Giardia, and other intestinal parasites, chronic disorders, rotavirus, parvovirus, or other viruses. RopaDog Gel helps to reduce moisture loss and thereby reduce dehydration. There no negative influence of other treatment options when administered by mouth (orally) or when administered by injection (parenteral). Dosage: Administer the contents of one syringe every 24 hours to, or as needed, to help reduce moisture loss and thereby reduce dehydration.

Usage: 3. For the prevention of diarrhea:

RopaDog Gel against Diarrhea can be administered 2 hours preceding events that can cause stress to reduce. Any signs of diarrhea These may affect hunting, kennels, decks, travel or dog shows. Dosage: Administer the contents of a syringe to two hours preceding events that can cause stress. Repeat if necessary.

Benefits from RopaDog Gel:

• 100% natural!
• Anti-bacterial
• Anti-diarrhea
• No bacterial resistance
• No residual symptoms
• In combination with antibiotics is possible
• Easy to administer
• One-time delivery
• Fast operation
• Can also be administered preventively (eg 1 to 2 hours before stressful situation such as hunting, racing, travel, exhibitions
• GMP-certified

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