Ropa-B Booster (300g)

Ropa-B BOOSTER the an 'all in one' Probiotic & Prebiotic for inclusion in to the feed.

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Ropa-B Booster is a natural additive which maintains a strong and healthy intestinal tract stimulating digestive and immune functions of pigeons. Its active ingredients are unique, improving the immune system by enhancing the antibody response – making the birds less susceptible to disease – and the wide variety of lactobacilli aiding digestion, helping them to make better use of their feed.

the soy bean meal used for LactoBOOST’s production not only provides a rich source of protein but the fermentation process also unlocks valuable amino acids meaning less energy is required by the bird for digestion - a significant benefit to aiding post race recovery.

LactoBOOST is particularly beneficial when used to re-establish the intestinal flora following antibiotic use or vaccinations.

When fed prior to racing, the strengthening of the baterial flora in the digestive tract enables the bird to cope better with the stress of transport and reduces the potential risk of infections from mixing with other birds. The recovery period post racing is also shortened.

Since the product is entirely natural, there is no danger of a build-up of resistance or overdosing.

Composition; Horseradish, fermented soybean meal. Additive: Fermented oak extract (sensory)

Use: 4g/kg, 3-4 days a week.

Post antibiotic use: 8kg/kg feed,  for 5 days , then back to normal use.

For more information: see instructions on packaging.

Use: 4g/kg feed, 2-3 days a week.
If necessary: 8g/kg feed 5 days before and 5 days after the vaccination.

Enclosed measuring spoon = 3 gram.

Use only as directed. Close package securely after use.