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RopaPoultry Oregano Oil Supplement
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Apr 24, 2016

Chillin' With My Peeps
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I just started using Ropa about 3 weeks ago. I am a huge fan of using essential oils in taking care of my family and myself and when I saw that Stromburg was running a special on the Ropa, I decided to give it a try. All of my hens are very healthy anyway but I do have one hen who is only 2 years old and has always laid nothing but soft shells. It had gotten to the point that no matter how I tried to supplement her diet nothing made any difference in her egg quality or frequency. She was only laying about once a month which was fine with me because I know that hens who lay softshells consistently can typically have internal laying issues at some point. This sweet girl is one of our favorites so it didn't bother me that she so infrequently because I did not want to lose her to EYP or something else related to internal laying. Back to the Ropa....as I stated, I started using it in their water about 3 weeks ago and last Friday, 4-15, our softshell laying hen laid a relatively normal egg. I say relatively normal because it had a little deformity on one end but the shell was hard enough. The next day and everyday after that except one she has laid a normal egg, hard shells with no deformities. The only thing different in her diet is the Ropa so that has to be reason her egg game is finally on track. I am very impressed and will continue to buy!