Ropa Small Animal - 100ml

Ropa Small Animal - 100ml

Digestive herbal tonic is a 100% natural liquid tonic and patented formula specially developed by veterinarians, which acts as a powerful well-being booster that support gut and general condition of the rodent.

The use of Digestive herbal tonic throughout the year brings your pet to optimal physical condition, thanks to the combination of oregano essential oil and chicory root extract that stimulate gastric and intestinal functions. Besides, oregano essential oil shows strong anti-oxidant and protective properties against different causes of distress in the intestinal tract, keeping a balanced intestinal flora and reducing the incidence of diarrhea leading to the production of normal droppings.

The addition of Ropa Small Animals Digestive herbal tonic to the feed will provide your pets with a healthy gut that is more resistant to infections, have a better digestion and a more efficient use of the feed, which improves the condition of the skin and hair and brings vitality to your pet.

This product is recommended for:
- Rabbit
- Ginea pig
- Hamster
- Rat
- Mouse
- Gerbil
- Other animals: contact our veterinarians.

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