Ropa-B Garlic Solution & Booster

Ropa-B Garlic Solution & Booster

Perfect combination! 

Garlic Solution
High concentration 
● Purifies the blood 
● Improves blood circulation

Contributes to maintain optimum health (vitality and condition) and ensures better blood circulation. 

‘All-in-One’ Probiotic and Prebiotic
A unique blend of plant extracts, fermented by lactobacilli. It helps to build up the intestinal flora and activates the immune system.

Review: “I am extremely pleased with Ropa-BOOSTER and Garlic Solution.  I put them on the corn and my birds look in superb condition.  It’s a perfect combination as the Garlic Solution is ideal for sticking Ropa-BOOSTER to the feed”. Bob Rainbird – Suffolk.

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