"Remarkable!" That is how a customer who used Ropa-B Liquid for the first time last week has described its effect on YBS.

Mr Dixon, of Stowmarket, Suffolk visited us on Wednesday 25th July to discuss a problem he was having with young bird sickness. Birds were vomiting, were lathargic and would only go out for 10 minutes, he explained. We recommeded that he used Ropa-B 10% Liquid in the drinking water at 1.5ml per litre and that he shut the birds in for 2-3 days and give the treated water as the only source of drinking water. In our experience this regime will have a fast acting effect and we asked Mr Dixon to keep us informed on the health of the birds.

Just 48 hours later he telephoned us to say the effect had been 'remarkable'. He could not believe how quickly the birds had recovered. "By Friday morning the birds were really keen to go out so I let them go and they flew for an hour" he told us. "I have used many products in the past but, but I've never experienced anything like this" he went on to say. "I cannot believe how birds can go from looking so poorly to being back to full fitness so quickly".

Ropa-B's strong anticbacterial and antifungal effect has been well documented and is proving very popular amongst many UK fanciers. Being a natural product the bacteria cannot build up resistance to it's rapid purifying effect. This means the same positive effect is experienced time after time.

We are glad that Mr Dixon has found Ropa-B to be of such benefit and wish him every success for the remainder of the season

Ropastore UK