Team Ropa-B

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5. PL-0456-15-9949

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Flight plan 2015
The number of the trainings flights will depend on the weather condition and the healthy of the birds.
We are planning 5-10 trainings 10-120km long.

 1 Race planned for 06.08.2015 - Place: Ostrow Wlkp (174km)

 2 Race planned for 13.08.2015 - Place: Śrem(246km)

 3 Race planned for 20.08.2015 - Place: Miedzyrzecz(348km)

The FINAL RACE is planned for 29.08.2015 from BLANKENHOF ca. 555km.

The distances of the races can be changed during the season( weather conditions, the form and healthy of the birds).
It is also possible that between 3rd flight and final race we will organise additional training from 60-100km.

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