Duncan Cook of DH&HA Cook, Ashtree Lofts has reported excellent results with Ropa products. Duncan was introduced to the products when he visited our stand at the Black Country Spring Fair in March this year.

“What attracted me was the list of proven effects against common symptoms associated with racing pigeons, especially in young birds. So I decided to try the products as a natural alternative to the treatments I would normally give and I have to say that I am more than impressed”. Duncan went on to tell us.. “I have had a fantastic season so far with nine 1st's at Club level a 1st and 2nd in the Federation as well as always being in the first 1 -200 birds in the Nationals.”

He also explained that since using Ropa-B Feeding Oil and LactoBOOST in the feed he has not experienced any symptoms of ill health in his birds, which all look in great condition, and will certainly be continuing use them.

Duncan has entered birds into the forthcoming National from Saintes and we wish him luck!