RopaBird Digestive Oil

RopaBird Digestive Oil

RopaBird Digestive Oil works in the digestive system and increases the overall health of your bird, giving all year round protection against bacterial and fungal challenge.
The Digestive Oil is based on oregano oil, but it is combined with other plant/spice oils to increase it's efficiency and taste. The oil is to be mixed with the bird seed. 

Additional benefits:
- Resistance of bacteria to RopaBird is not possible.
- Can be used in combination with other products.
- GMP certified!
- No residual symptoms

As used and recommended by parrot finch breeder Graham Lee.  "I've used Ropa-Bird products for the last 3 years and in my opinion there is no better product.  Since using Ropa-Bird my losses from stress has reduced dramatically, I highly recommend it"

Product sku: UKB3

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