Dear sir, 

this letter serves as a small token of my appreciation for your product Pansi/s wound spray. I import sport horses from Holland and Germany for clients of my riding club in Athens Greece. I recently brought an expensive mare who had a bad travel experience and arrived in Greece looking like a beaten up boxer! She had raw patches on her face, knees, hocks, hip bones and her tail was totally raw and bald. Apparently she had fallen in the truck getting off the ferry on landing in Greece from Italy. The trip from the port to me is about 4 hrs, so by the time she arrived infection had started setting in and she was very swollen. Based on my satisfaction of your fly spray and wound cream, i decided to try your wound spray for the first time. In only a matter of days the healing process started and hair started to grow on all the raw patches; due to the odour of the spray she had no irritation from flies, and in a matter of weeks she was totally healed. All the staff and clients at my club were amazed and hence nick named it Magic Spray ! This mare has gone on to be a top show horse and we are all grateful to you and your products for this result. I wish you all the best with your products and please feel free to use my experience with other animal lovers. 

Yours sincerely, 
David Sauermann

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Owen Shaw - Owen Shaw Trophies, (April 2012)

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Baron & Fowler - Dec. 2012.

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R Pearson, (May 2013)

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Gary Daykin, (Nov. 2011).

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Nigel Llewellyn, Southampton, (Sept. 2011).

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D. Cook, Ashtree Lofts, (Oct. 2011).

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Mr Dixon – Stowmarket, (July 2012)